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Microsoft Certified Team here for all suggestion and queries


A Microsoft certified Team here to hep you in all your issue related to Desktop

        A Complete Customer Service Center to support and provide suggestion to best of our skills !!


We have a team of Microsoft Certified Technicians, who can help with Customer Service Solution on variety of problems that you may be encountering. Bpobay can suggest over the phone in installing critical updates and Microsoft service packs required by certain applications for Windows 7, Windows 8,window Vista ,Windows XP and other operating systems. We help in resolving email account related issues of AOL, Gmail, Yahoo,Bing, Outlook. We personally can come to your place to fix Printer related Issues for Dell, HP in case of any damage done to it. We have latest Microsoft Windows Compact Disc available for Window 7,8, 10, Vista, XP. Desktop Solution by fixing Blue Screen of Death,PC Optimization, Boosting system speed.


Technical Support Desktop Solution

Desktop Solution

Our Team can suggest and help resolving specific problems you may be running into such as document formatting,file recovery, a particular feature not working technically, etc. We can even help in installing device drivers so that your applications can print, scan, and process documents.

We guide you to choose the best way to protect your site from spam and malicious software. Computers and technology are tricky and can be extremely difficult to learn.You always need a technically sound person who may be able to understand your concern and suggest accordingly. You don’t! We perform work from wherever you are located with our  software to fix technical issues and provide additional support as per your requirement and management tools we can quickly assist you with whatever trouble you may be having. Relax and let our Team Helpline fix your computer problem with our unbelievably affordable  service. We offer quick and professional customer service for computer repair, internet problems and data recovery services.

Bpobay have the latest tools and protection software to give you the best solution possible. We make sure we are equipped to handle everything. Every single thing.
Just call us, and watch your problem become ours. Long term relation is our goal with you and solution to your problem is our target. So don’t wait and just call us.


Date: 2017-03-21

Client: Wasatch Tees of Atlanta

Skills: Setting Up Desktops with latest drivers anf softwares

Currently we are working for Wasatch Tees of Atlanta in setting up there system with Latest Widows and device update so that they may be able to update there website and promote their products.

Our Clients


  • I spent over 2 days trying to sort out my PC Problem as the system was not functioning due to Virus attack on my main server. I spent less than 30 minutes with Bpobay team and it was fun. And the customer service has been fantastic!. Good knowledge of latest trend going on in technology. Will refer everyone who so ever need assistance.

    Randy Silvester, Writer
  • I worked day and night working on my final year academic project. A day before when i was supposed to submit it my system crashed. I called Bpobay team. They were very quick to rectify my concern and helped me not only to recover corrupted files but also installed Anti-virus for future safety. Great Work

    River Tam, Student


We provide Quick Customer Service to our customers with best alternate for any scenario. We concentrate on Efficient service to save your time from unwanted issues related to your system.

Knowledge on how to Fix Desktop Problem

Computer not Rebooting
Blue Screen of Death
Computer Running Slow
Pop up not letting you work
PC Optimization
Cleaning of Junk Files

Knowledge on Microsoft Windows

Knowledge about Virus Removal, Protection
Knowledge on McAfee or Norton Antivirus Installation
Installing Anti Virus
Knowledge on Microsoft Windows Support
Windows 10 Support
Window 7,8 Support
Install Windows
Window Updates
Windows Vista Support
Window XP Support
Service Packs

Knowledge on Emails

Knowledge on how to set up Set Up Emails account like ::

Knowledge on to what kind of printer to buy as per requirement

Knowledge on Printers as per requirement, On Installation process as how to Fix Printer Issues if damaged or to inform about centers where our customer can go and get them fixed and knowledge on installing printer for e.g HP, Dell, Canon

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We have a Microsoft Certified team of Technicians, who can help on various Customer Service Support Issue related to your system on variety of problems that you may be facing.

When a computer is corrupted by some suspicious files called virus, there exists a unwanted amount of problem within a users system. Corrupted or removed system files can damage the system and also share the private information saved in your system. Never ever take chances, let our team help you!

We suggest and guide our customers over the phone how to fix it.


About Us

Your Laptop needs to be regularly tuned up to keep running effectively and efficiently. Our Experts are extremely skilled in figuring out issues and solving any and all PC issues. Our Experts will suggest you over the phone how to optimize your PC to the fullest with latest knowledge that our team possess.

We suggest over the phone in installing puzzled updates and Microsoft service packs required by certain applications for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Window Vista, NT, and other operating systems. We can help in solving specific problems you may be running into such as file recovery, a particular feature of system not functioning properly, etc. We can even install device drivers so that your applications can scan, print and process documents. That means any issue of any sort can be solved and worked as per your requirement.

Finding Virus and deleting them is really difficult and some people don’t even know where it comes from. This can happen when you go through websites which have not used McAfee or Norton Antivirus while installing content on there websites and people take advantage of that.
Our Experts will guide on your device online, completely check your system and all software, sort out all issues in the PC and then remove or fix all issues, and improve your machine for better performance.

Try Our suggestions and then you will be able to know more about our services and products.


Customer Service
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Customer Satisfaction


Kris Hopkins

Kris Hopkins

Project Manager

    Our Most experienced representative with good knowledge of almost every aspect in Customer Service support for Microsoft related issues.

    Lisa Brandon

    Lisa Brandon

    Senior Representative

      She is Smart and positive in approach and will bring you to a satisfied zone. Very helpful in what ever may be situation.

      Jack Wilson

      Jack Wilson

      Email and Printer Support Analyst

        He is new to our organization but has left a mark with his performance. Within a period of 9 months he has made us to consider him as one of the finest employee we could have ever found. Sound and latest knowledge and specialty in Email configure and printer installation.


        You can contact us any time and we will make sure to call you back if call cannot be attended.

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